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Special offers for your vacation

The island of Pag provides all visitors with a variety of experiences and excitement

For your perfect vacation, you need to get to know all the beauties of the most unusual island on the Croatian coast. For you to do that and for your vacation in one of our camps to be fulfilled from the first to the last day, we have included many interesting local excursions in the price of accommodation in mobile homes, through which you will get to know the cultural, gastronomic, natural and sports attractions of the island.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose between more physically demanding and less demanding excursions, excursions ideal for families with children or those for couples.

Experiences that make the island of Pag unforgettable

  Mobile homes within the Terra Park campsites are located in excellent locations in the untouched nature of the island of Pag, close to the beautiful crystal clear sea, forests of various Mediterranean plants, specific stone rocks, and numerous cultural and historical sights.
  Take a look at the rich offer of various excursion programs and complete your vacation on the island of Pag with unique experiences, top specialties, entertainment, untouched natural beauties, cultural sights, adventurous and adrenaline activities… Get acquainted with the many interesting things and stories that are generously told by the locals of the island.

Stay Fit 4 All

Do you want an active vacation? Come to the island of Pag!

Enjoy the natural and cultural beauties of the island which you can get to know from various perspectives. Anyone eager for adventure can explore the specific landscape of Pag through numerous activities such as cycling through various bike trails where you will be surrounded by aromatic herbs, stone, and sky, with a few views of curious Pag sheep. In addition to cycling, you can indulge in free climbing on intriguing rocks or stunning panoramic walks.

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Photo: Novalja Tourist Board

Taste Local

Experience the island of Pag with all your senses!

Pag's gastronomy in its rich and strong taste combines Pag's stone and salt, medicinal Mediterranean herbs, and the tradition of the island. You need to experience Pag with all your senses, and you will do it best through various tastings of Pag specialties. With its top gastronomic offer, world-famous and appreciated Pag lamb and Pag cheese, this island delights even the most refined palates.

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Awaken the adventurous spirit in you!

Pag, the island of stone magic, is a true jewel of the Adriatic, which hides numerous riches beneath its rough stone surface. Explore it through one of many exciting activities; try diving, kayaking, cycling, or climbing. The adventures on the island of the lunar landscape have no end.

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Photo: Novalja Tourist Board
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