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Places of the island of Pag

Near the island of Pag are the islands of Rab, Lošinj, Silba and Olib, the city of Zadar, and the National Parks Kornati, Krka, Plitvice Lakes, Paklenica and Northern Velebit (ie 5 of the 8 national parks of the Republic of Croatia) are within easy reach to Pag guests. You can go to the nearby islands by one of the taxi boats or go on an organized trip that will be offered by the staff at the reception of the camp, as well as present the offer of trips to mainland destinations. You can also visit land destinations in your own arrangement, by car or regular bus lines.

Significant places


Novalja is the tourist center of the island of Pag and a famous summer resort and destination of many tourists and it offers the possibility of an active and meaningful vacation. Natural beauties, among which are beautiful and spacious sandy beaches around the city, pleasant Mediterranean climate, rich cultural and historical heritage, diverse cultural and artistic, entertainment, sports and recreational offer, local cuisine and excellent transport links with the mainland during the summer, with the nearby islands, make Novalja an ideal holiday destination.
In many restaurants, taverns and bistros, guests have at their disposal a wide selection of various dishes. By far the most famous specialty of the island - Pag cheese, can be tasted in excellent restaurants, both in the town of Novalja and in other places on the island. The terraces of various coffee bars create a special summer atmosphere, with refreshment and entertainment with music. On the beaches and by the sea, you can use the rich content of recreational and sports program (slides, scooters, volleyball ...) Many visitors, especially younger ones, have fun until late at night in modern outdoor disco clubs near the beaches. One of the attractions of Novalja is the Roman aqueduct, where the temperature stays at around 15 degrees Celsius in the middle of the greatest summer heat. On today's Caska beach are the remains of a large military camp built by the Roman army.
Whether you want an active vacation, evening fun or a vacation by the sea on one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic, Novalja offers a variety of content for all generations.


Kolan is surrounded by the greenery of Kolanjsko polje and is the largest place on the island of Pag, which is not located right by the sea. Apart from being a popular tourist destination due to its many beautiful beaches and peaceful atmosphere, Kolan is also a kind of gastronomic center of the island, known as the cradle of Pag cheese and lamb. Here you can see the largest flocks of sheep on the island, and in the world-famous Kolana cheese dairies you can taste and buy the world-famous Pag delicacy - Pag cheese. Prosciutto and other specialties prepared from the fruits of the sea depths will make your vacation complete and unforgettable. Many beautiful beaches with clear sea provide an unforgettable pleasure interwoven with dry stone walls and stone. Church of St. Luke, St. Jerolim, St. Marija and the highest peak of the island of Pag, Sv. Vid, are just part of the story you will have the opportunity to see, if you visit this hospitable area.


This charming tourist place located on the south side of the island of Pag offers a beautiful view of the islands of Silba and Olib and the islands of Maun and Škrd, which are abound in bays and beautiful beaches. Along the place stretches a beach with clear sea, and Mandre is simply the perfect place for those who want a quiet holiday in a beautiful natural environment of holm oaks, dry stone walls and sea. The place exudes the hospitality of the locals always ready to provide a beautiful atmosphere of this beautiful area.


Metajna is located in a stone nest in the eastern part of the island. Written documents say that the first tourists visited Metajna in 1928. Here, nature has left a lasting mark in a unique blend of wind, stone, and sea. For hot summer days, look for refreshment on the local beaches, among which Ručica stands out, which can be reached through a picturesque area called the Canyon. Near Metajna, but accessible only on foot or by boat, there is also the beach Bertinica where the locality Stogaj is located, very well known to passionate climbing lovers who conquer it every year. During the season, fishing evenings are organized in Metajna, filled with the smell of freshly baked fish, the taste of local wine and the sounds of a cheerful song.

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