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Tradition of taste

The island of sheep, excellent cheeses, taverns and wine cellars

When we think of the unique island of the lunar landscape, many different associations come to mind. Pag is an island of wind, sheep, excellent cheese and dear and hospitable people. Pag is also an island of delicious taverns and wine cellars, excellent cheeses and a perfect blend of modern gastronomy with traditional recipes and ingredients. This island is a really difficult temptation for a summer child. Who could resist this gastro hedonism?
It is known that Mediterranean cuisine is best for human health because of the type and quality of food and the way they are prepared. Pag cuisine, as its recognizable part, provides a true gastronomic pleasure.
When visiting Pag, don't miss to taste a part of the unique harmony of the taste of local cuisine.

  • From the menu of tastefully decorated restaurants, we first of all recommend some of the famous and widely known specialties - Pag cheese, lamb, macaroni on a needle and cottage cheese strudel. You will feel all the charms of Mediterranean cuisine the most if you opt for seafood specialties.
  • Among various fish and seafood dishes, we recommend invigorating fish soup, Novalja brodit (brudet), various seafood salads and risottos, and cooked or baked fish.
  • For lovers of vegetarian cuisine, the pleasure can be provided by a variety of vegetables grown under the warm Mediterranean sun, and prepared in imaginative ways.
  • Thanks to their uniqueness, traditional home-made desserts - hrostule and frit, have, managed to remain in the catering offer despite the flood of various modern desserts and remain one of the trademarks of Novalja cuisine. A glass of homemade wine at the end will complete the pleasure.

We have singled out several places for you, where you can enjoy all the beauties of the famous gastronomic offer of the island of Pag.

Restaurants near Novalja

Explore the offer of restaurants located directly in or near the town of Novalja.

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Restaurants near Kolan

Explore the offer of restaurants located directly in or near the Kolan.

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