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Choose a more sustainable way to travel and discover the island of Pag in harmony with nature, its' places, and people.

At Terra Park, we believe in the power of travel that changes life and the Earth for the better, and we understand and nurture the importance of sustainability.  Join us in an authentic and fulfilling, ecological holiday, surrounded by Mediterranean greenery, one step closer to a beautiful pebble beach. The environment of our camp blends perfectly with untouched nature. Through our changes and improvements, we hope to bring positive social and environmental outcomes to the local region and our visitors.

Eco sustainability:

  • support local economy
  • organic or local food
  • wastewater treatment and reuse
  • environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • waste reduction, separation, and recycling
  • use of recycled material
  • energy class A devices
  • promoting "eco" activities
  • landscaping with local, indigenous species
  • bicycle rental services
  • lighting extinguishing systems when not in use
  • use of energy-saving light bulbs in buildings

Changes and improvements, we are especially proud of:

Water purification

Wastewater can be put to good use with proper treatment. We have implemented a very advanced water purification system for all types of wastewater. The purified water is then used to maintain the horticulture, reuse in the toilet, for use in our fire hydrant network, and as an irrigation system that serves our entire camp.

Bioclimate pergolas

Bioclimatic pergolas provide protection from the sun and precipitation, as well as the regulation of light and natural air flow thanks to a cover made of movable slats that can move in relation to the sun, thus creating an always perfect microclimate. By regulating the amount of penetration of solar heat and light, they provide a pleasant, airy environment while reducing energy consumption.
Bioclimatic pergolas give a completely new dimension to the terraces of our mobile homes, giving them an additional "living" space that allows you to stay outdoors all year round.
They are motorized and fully automated and easy to use.

Local community

Products made by local people have a soul and a story. Terra Park attaches great importance to the local community and we support it whenever possible. We inform our guests and employees about numerous Pag traditions, local products and the possibility of buying them, as well as about events that bring together local producers, the people of Pag and foreign guests.


In a direct effort to help the local community and the well-being of the local population, we use food and fresh produce from regional sources in our catering facilities, and we use locally grown products in our orchard. We attach great importance to local suppliers and manufacturers and strive to buy their products whenever possible.


At Terra Park, we value our employees and do not allow discrimination regardless of age, gender, disability, nationality, race, political views, or religious or sexual orientation. We attach great importance to the professional development of our employees, so we are focused on organizing various educations and trainings with which we encourage the individual development of each of our members. Whenever possible, we hire employees from the local community. We educate all our employees about the importance and benefits of sustainable development to reciprocate and make a difference.

Reduction, separate collection and recycling of waste

There are various ways to achieve smaller amounts of waste that we can all work on together. After waste reduction, it can be recycled. In our camps you will find;

  • paper, glass and plastic recycling containers
  • containers for separate collection of bio-waste
  • recycled materials such as invoice paper, card liners, hand paper, etc.
  • biodegradable straws
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