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Find the ideal beach for your family vacation.

The natural beauties of the island of Pag are most evident in its beautiful sandy and pebble beaches. The most beautiful beaches on the island are in or near Novalja and Kolan. These are rare locations that boast many beautiful natural beaches in the village and the surrounding area. Everyone can easily find a beach to their liking, be it pebble or sandy, rocky, or modern concrete. The beaches surrounding these places are spacious, with excellent access and entrance to the clear sea. Many abound in beach bars and other additional facilities such as rental of deck chairs and parasols, pedal boats, scooters, and the like. Most can be reached by car and parking is provided.


Undiscovered sandy beach reached through a picturesque area called Kanjon near Metajna. It captivates with its clear transparent sea and beautiful lunar landscape. Irresistible scents of herbs and the sea, bright sun and warm breeze complete the feeling of being in the heart of the Mediterranean. The beach offers a view of the town of Pag and is about 1 kilometer away from Metajna.


This special beach is only 500-600 meters away from Ručica. It is completely wild and can be reached either on foot or by boat. The road from Ručica to Beritnica provides an unforgettable experience. A short hike (about 30 minutes) through an amazing landscape without vegetation and with beautiful stone structures is truly a special experience. Arriving at the beach will surely leave you breathless. Three large rock cliffs rising from the sea in a beautiful sandy-pebble bay are some of the most beautiful sights you can see.


Zrće is a long pebble beach with rich and various additional facilities. It is widely known for its nightly parties. On this beach you can enjoy top cocktails, rent a jet ski, have fun on a water slide or some other adrenaline activity on the water. Disco clubs like Aquarius, Calypso, Papaya, and many smaller cafes are ready to entertain you all night and day. It is important to note that Zrće has the Blue Flag, an international recognition for ecology and environmental protection awarded to beaches and marinas, which guarantees the preserved environment, clean sea and beaches thanks to its natural features, equipment and facilities. The beach is about 2 km away from Novalja, and it has a large parking lot. During the tourist season Zrće is connected to Novalja by public transport.

Planjka (Trinćel)

This beach is located north of Novalja, along the southeast coast of the bay of Stara Novalja. It is covered with fine sand and perfectly decorated. It has a catering offer and various recreational facilities. Due to the excellent arrangement and conditions it provides, Planjka or Trinćel has been carrying the Blue Flag since the summer of 2004. It is warm, shallow, and extremely suitable for families with children.


Jadra is located near Stara Novalja. In some places it is covered with fine stones and the entrance to the sea is gradual, while in other places it is rocky, which is why you enter directly into the deep sea.


This beach is located east of Novalja, on the site of a former Roman city which, according to a legend, was destroyed and sunk in an earthquake in the 4th century. The remains can be found near the beach and on the seabed. Access to the sea is mostly sandy, and the seabed slopes steeply, making the beach deep. Caska has a catering offer and recreational facilities.


Only 5 minutes away from Novalja, in the direction of the town of Pag on the road that passes through rocky pastures, is the beach Prnjica. This is a beautiful azure blue beach. It is a very popular destination among visitors looking for peace and relaxation. Prnjica is the local name for a type of shellfish, which the Italians call a sea truffle - it is very tasty, and the beach is named after it. Due to its sandy shore and shallow sea, it is especially interesting for families with children. Looking towards the mighty Velebit, the mountain that separates the gods from the people, is a place you must experience.


This beach is clean, seemingly monotonous, and simple, and it will absolutely attract your attention. If you grab a little of the fine gravel and sand along the shore, you will wake up some of the shells that live here. The beach itself is suitable for families with children and, unlike Prnjica, it also boasts accompanying facilities. In case you are dazed by the view of the sun-drenched Velebit and the Bay of Pag or simply get hungry, there is a cafe-restaurant with always fresh food and drinks. In addition, you can rent pedal boats and embark on a sea adventure.

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