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Adrenalin and water sports

The island of Pag is packed with a wide variety of sports and recreational content. Apart from the city stadium, numerous tennis courts and gymnasiums, almost every beach on Pag offers facilities for adrenaline and water sports. Adrenaline enthusiasts will delight in the rich offer of extreme sports such as Quad Safari, Wake Boarding, Bungee Jumping, Flyboarding, Parasailing, Wind or Kite Surfing.

For a special excitement of wakeboarding, one must visit Zrće, where one of the most modern ski lifts in Europe is located, with a 600 m long cable and an average height of 10 m. There is also a 41m high bungeejumping crane located on Zrno, few meters from the sea. Take an unforgettable jump at any time of the day or night (except during bora wind).

Flyboarding is one of the most exciting new water activities! Get on the Flyboard and be ready to float above the water. Feel the excitement, try the magic of the Flyboard.

Paintball is played in a natural environment, and in Novalja you can play on the polygons, beside the beautiful sandy beach of Caska.

For a special, aerial view of the island, try parasailing, a unique combination of sailing, paragliding and parachuting.

Pag bay is particularly popular among wind surfers and kite surfers, due to the ideal combination of winds, slower winds (maestral) and faster winds (burin).

Getting to know Pag and the surrounding area is also possible by renting a Quad (ATV - all terrain vehicle) that is ideal for off-road adventure on the pebble and rock trails of Pag.

In addition to numerous speed disciplines such as jet-skibanana or tube rides, there are also numerous motor boat rentals.
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