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Camping and glamping in Croatia

Croatia, as one of the leading tourist countries in the Mediterranean, offers a whole range of different accommodation capacities. Hotel accommodation, rooms and apartments can be found at every turn. Hostels are very popular in larger cities. We also have a large number of campsites and recently an increasing number of glamping destinations. In this blog, we will write about camping in Croatia, as well as the fast-growing glamping trend that is slowly but surely making its way in Croatian tourism.

Why go for a camping and glamping?

Many people spend a large part of the year in the office, in the car and in the apartment where they live out of harmony with nature. The fast pace of life sometimes does not allow frequent stays in nature, and especially spending the night there. Camping has always been a human need that they strived for and practiced. Sleeping in tents is a popular form of vacation, as is owning a caravan that allows for flexibility and mobility. Camping and glamping connect people with nature and give them the opportunity to spend as much time as possible in breathtaking locations, in the immediate vicinity of the sea, rivers, forests or some wonderful mountains. Likewise, you will be surrounded by people who live the same philosophy of life as you, and enjoy changing experiences.

What is glamping?

Camping has been one of the most popular forms of overnight stays in the world for decades. There are various campsites in interesting locations that offer tourists sleeping options in several ways. The most common way is to sleep in a caravan or camper. You can come to the camp with your own vehicle, and in some camps you can even rent a caravan. Camps are supplied with electricity, water and common areas for cooking, washing and bathrooms. The better camps even have playgrounds for children, swimming pools, sports fields and many other accompanying facilities. In addition to sleeping in mobile homes, each camp offers guests the option of setting up their own tent. As a rule, this way of traveling is the cheapest. Camping, however, is not for everyone, and glamping was created for those with refined taste. Glamping is a mixture of glamor and camping. Glamping adds a touch of luxury to camping.

A lot of travelers today yearn for nature, but they don't just decide for real camping, which can be done in various ways. Most of the traditional ones include all kinds of chores like setting up tents, lighting fires, and sharing common areas with other guests. Glamping accommodations consist of glamorous tents that are furnished like a five-star resort and equipped with basic amenities, including kitchens and fully functional bathrooms with showers, air conditioners, televisions, and beautiful terraces with views. Glamping is, of course, a bit more expensive than real camping, but for the comfort you get, that's quite logical.

Where to camp in Croatia?

Croatia has been interesting to travelers who travel this way for decades. You can find campsites along the entire Adriatic coast and on the islands, and there are more and more of them in the continental part of the country. Istria is especially developed, where every small town has at least one campsite, mostly along the coast. Prices vary and are the cheapest if you come to the camp with only a tent, and the most expensive if you have a camper and need all the accompanying facilities that the camp offers (electricity, water...). The well-developed part is around the Plitvice Lakes National Park, where you also have glamping options, as well as many other places in Croatia. We highlight the island of Pag, which offers several exceptional options, among which the Terra Park campsites Spiritos and Phalaris stand out.

Glamping as a fast growing trend

Glamping is not an invention of modern society, but was relevant during the reign of Genghis Khan and many other noble military leaders. Arab sheikhs still glamp today and are not interested in other travel trends. In the world of tourism, glamping began to appear in the early 2000s, and now it exists in every European country and in most of the world. It is characterized by a good location in nature and the luxury that stands out under the tent roofs. Today's travelers can be demanding, but glamping has almost no flaws. Considering that travelers want more and more contact with nature, and at the same time they also want comfort at the highest level, glamping knows no boundaries.

Camping and glamping on the island of Pag

The island of Pag lies in a perfect location in the middle of the Adriatic Sea, surrounded by the blue sea, the sun and the mighty mountain Velebit in the north. Since it is extremely well connected to the rest of the country, it attracts a large number of nature lovers. Although there are indeed a large number of excellent campsites on Pag, we once again highlight the Terra Park campsites Phalaris and Spiritos. Both camps are located near the sea, right next to the beach and offer everything that camps should offer. And something more than that. The camps have mobile homes with swimming pools, lots of pitches for campers and tents, and Phalaris also offers wonderful glamping options. You will really feel at home here. The glamping village consists of 17 luxury glamping tents, all of which are located in a separate part of the camp. They are an excellent choice for guests who want an idyllic vacation away from the fast-paced and modern lifestyle, and the tents definitely give a completely new dimension to a vacation on the island of Pag. The tents have a simple and pleasant design and meet all the requirements of the modern guest.

What should you pay attention to when camping?

Although camping always sounds tempting, we should be careful about some things that can spoil our stay. In case you spend the night in a tent, it is advisable to prepare earplugs if you have problems sleeping. Likewise, in the summer season, always choose shade and set up your tent or vehicle so that the sun always comes as late as possible in the morning. In all camps, lighting fires in the open is strictly prohibited. A large number of campsites have special places where you can barbecue, which are also equipped with fire extinguishers. Considering that all the camps are surrounded by nature, this means that there is always the possibility of an insect visiting you. The most important thing is to prepare mosquito sprays to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Respect house rules and absolute silence, which is most often attributed from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. If you want to camp in areas outside the official campsites, you should know that in Croatia it is illegal and penalties are prescribed for this type of overnight stay.

At the end, we believe that everyone should try camping or glamping. If staying in nature sounds idyllic to you, pack up your family or friends and reserve a spot in one of the many camping destinations in Croatia. Your loved ones will be grateful, and they will always be happy to return to the camps afterwards.
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