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Several nautical miles from Pag, there is a great number of beautiful diving sites with rich flora and fauna. From beginner locations to demanding locations for advanced divers, everyone can find something for themselves.

Diving is possible on the 27km long island of Pag, named Lun, as well as on neighboring islands and other interesting places. The slopes and reefs are abundant with fish, sparkling sponges, candlefish and snails, octopus, small fish flocks and specimens of large sponges, all the way to the wreck of an old ship that is meant for more experienced divers.

There are numerous diving centers on the island of Pag, which offer recreational diving, technical diving and technical diving courses.

Archaeological underwater sites of the island of Pag

Steamboat wreck "EUTERPE"

The sunken Euterpe is one of the greatest tragedies on the Adriatic. The SS Euterpe ship is part of the Austrian Lloyd fleet, built in 1886 at the British shipyards. (It got its name by the Greek music and lyric muse). Because of the attack of the Italian Navy, the ship sank in 1918. The wreck was discovered in February 1999.

Fotografija olupine broda Euterpe, Novalja.

Diving centers

On the island of Pag you can choose from a number of diving centers that offer a variety of courses; from an initial and advanced open water diving course all the way to a diving instructor course. Dare and explore the underwater charms of the island of Pag.

Find a center for yourself and explore the underwater world of the island of Pag:

Diving center Amfora  

Diving center Ocean Pro

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