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The price of accommodation in one of the following accommodation units includes a trip to:

Terra Park Phalaris

Terra Park SpiritoS


  • Excursions are included for all guests staying in one of the listed accommodation units for a minimum of 7 nights.
  • All additional guests in the mobile homes pay extra for the selected trip according to the regular price list of the agency for that trip.
  • For more information on excursions and dates, talk to the reception department upon check-in in the facility.

Scuba Diving

A collage of flora and fauna of the underwater world of the island of Pag invites you to an exciting dive and an unforgettable adventure. Indulge in an experience that will change your life forever, start exploring the world as only divers can, and feel the excitement when exploring the Pag seabed.

Photo: Novalja Tourist Board

Kayak Pag Bay

Spend your vacation actively, rowing and enjoying the view of fascinating cliffs, magical coves, and secluded caves. Kayaking trips provide a unique opportunity to get to know the most attractive parts of the island.

Photo: Novalja Tourist Board

Bike Lun

Awaken the adventurous spirit in yourself by participating in bicycle tours through the beautiful landscapes of the rocky island of Pag and its surroundings. Driving on fine macadam paths allows complete enjoyment in the beauty of centuries-old olive trees.

Photo: Novalja Tourist Board

Hike Life on Mars + Ferrata

Explore Pag's "Mars" and take on the challenge for body and mind through the most beautiful trail track in Croatia. An exotic experience on the rocky landscape of Pag, breathtaking beaches, the mighty climbing rock Stogaj, and the 14-kilometer-long trail with the first sea Via Ferrata is an experience not to be forgotten.

Photo: Novalja Tourist Board
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