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Lun olive groves - the unique botanical treasure of the Mediterranean

The charming village of Lun is located on the northernmost part of the island of Pag, and it's mostly known for its olive trees that have been thriving in incredible symbiosis with the Dalmatian karst and the sun for more than a thousand years. The olive groves that cover the Lun peninsula represent a unique botanical treasure of the Mediterranean area and are among the oldest olive groves in the world.

The tiny, exotic corner of the country, home to some 80,000 olive trees, hides the original Mediterranean olive type, which grows in just two more locations in the world, Greece, and Israel. Lun stands out from Greece and Israel for an incredible number of millennial olives concentrated in such a small area. In 1963, it was declared a unique botanical reserve. Walking through the olive groves is magical, especially when you see the oldest preserved olive tree from more than 1600 years ago, which even today stands firmly along the macadam road.

Olive tree from the Lun olive groves. Photo credit: milivanily (

Unique in their way and completely different from each other, these olives have grown with the stone they surround. They seem like they have always been there. And besides the surreal look of every tree, which is like it's from a fairy tale, the fruits that are harvested by hand in the fall give superior olive oil that you can't taste anywhere else in the world. The pure, delicate taste of Lun oil even aroused the palate back in Roman times, when it was highly esteemed in imperial circles. This first-class quality oil is still recognized today, and we recommend that you take at least one bottle with you.

With the chirping of crickets, the voices of sheep and the muffled sound of the sea in the distance, a visit to Lun olive groves allows every visitor to get acquainted with the unique story of the existence of these trees, and get even better acquainted with the magical energy of the charming town of Lun.
This oasis of peace is just one of the reasons why you should visit the island of Pag, and the accommodation at Terra Park offers you the ideal opportunity to explore as it is only a 15-minute drive away of Lun.

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