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Why are the island of Pag and Croatia an ideal destination for vacations with family?

Croatia is one of the leading tourist destinations in the Mediterranean and this title can be attributed mostly to the beautiful nature, pleasant climate and good accommodation. With a fascinating history and amazing beaches along the Adriatic coast, there are few European family vacation destinations that are better than Croatia.

If you are planning to go on holiday to Croatia with children, you will find a lot of content that will satisfy both your and their wishes. Apart from the fact that children can play in the sand and enjoy the warm sea, you will also be delighted by the excellent gastronomy and kindness of our hosts. In this blog we will give you some ideas for an unforgettable vacation with children both in Croatia and on the beautiful island of Pag.

Ideas for vacation in Croatia

Although small on the map of Europe, Croatia is incredibly diverse and in a few hours by car you can experience different landscapes and climates. Driving from Zagreb to the Adriatic Sea, you can cross mountain passes in just a few hours, stop by turquoise rivers and smell the centuries-old forests. Croatia has 7 national parks and 12 nature parks, all of which can be easily visited with children due to the adapted infrastructure and entertainment facilities.

Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of the most beautiful European parks with countless waterfalls and wooden promenades along the lakes, and Brijuni National Park is a green oasis in the middle of the Adriatic Sea where you can see various animals such as elephants, peacocks, deer or 160 species of birds. Near the island of Pag you can visit the Paklenica National Park where you can take children for a walk on beautiful but undemanding hiking trails. Not far from Pag are the Kornati National Park, a paradise archipelago with the possibility of good diving.


The perfect combination of sea and mountain


Most tourists visit Croatia mostly because of the beautiful climate and the crystal clear blue sea. The Adriatic Sea is one of the most beautiful in the world and is an ideal place to take children on vacation. It abounds in countless islands and beaches, and is an unavoidable summer destination for the whole family.

Accommodation in Croatia

Since Croatia is one of the leading destinations in the Mediterranean, it abounds in accommodation facilities for everyone's taste. You can choose private accommodation in an apartment with a local family where you will get a top host and an authentic experience. Also, there are a number of campsites and small family hotels and resorts that can be an ideal base for your family. Children in such an environment have at their disposal theme parks, aqua parks in the sea, private pools and many other facilities. We single out some top camps on the island of Pag, such as Terra Park Spiritos and Phalaris, camps adapted for children where you can always feel safe and fulfilled.

Island of Pag as a top summer destination

The island of Pag is one of the best destinations for family vacations for many reasons. It is one of only a few islands in Croatia that are connected by a bridge so it is extremely well connected to the highway. The island of Pag is the most indented island in the Adriatic with the longest coast. It is rich in attractive natural features and has a Mediterranean climate with long sunny periods. Fine gravel and sand scattered along the crystal clear sea, creating countless beaches of unique beauty. The town of Pag is the central place on the island where you can still see the production of salt by the old drying process in small clay pools in which the sea is placed, and this process is very attractive today for all tourists. Apart from the authenticity itself, the salt pans are also a beautiful motif for photography. It is also the city of the famous Pag lace that has been nurtured for centuries, and this specific handicraft can still be seen on the city streets. In addition to old crafts, there is a colorful summer carnival that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike, while Pag cheese is a widely known symbol of island gastronomy.

Where to go with children on vacation?

Families who come to Pag with their children have a number of possibilities for a carefree stay. The northern side of the island abounds in paradise beaches formed by the influence of a strong bora, the wind blowing from Velebit. The south side of the island is much wooded and provides shade in the warmest seasons. All beaches are pebble, ideal for children to play in the shallows of the sea. The most famous beach on the island of Pag is certainly Ručica, which every year is on the numerous lists of the most beautiful beaches on the Croatian coast. This beach is located next to Metajna, and is a frequent address of many families. Like most beaches in this part of Pag, it does not offer any shade, so it would be good to take an umbrella with you. Sv. Duh is located not far from Camp Spiritos and is ideal for holidays with small children. You can park not far from the beach and you will not encounter a big crowd, even in the heart of the summer holidays. If you are inspired by small hidden coves, you can find them north of Camp Phalaris, in the area of the centuries-old Luna olive groves. All beaches are connected by macadam roads with the highway and are an oasis of peace and quiet.

Pag as a safe destination

Apart from being one of the most beautiful European countries, Croatia is also one of the safest, and many families choose the Croatian coast for vacation for this very reason. Climatological conditions are ideal from May to October and some islands have over 2500 hours of sunshine a year, and among them is of course the island of Pag. Hidden and safe bays on Pag, warm sea and top infrastructure and gastronomy are a lure for all who seek maximum comfort during the summer. Croatia and the island of Pag are well connected by traffic, and some popular world car brands have shot their commercials on Pag, because of the top and safe roads and wild scenery. Traveling to Croatia in the time of the COVID-19 is safe and easy. Residents of the European Union, as well as most other countries at the border, are required to present their COVID certificate or proof of illness, while most employees in the tourism sector are vaccinated against COVID 19. All this written in the article is a guarantee of a good and safe vacation, and you can now start planning your unforgettable family trip in Croatia and the island of Pag.

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