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Pag as unforgettable destination for your holiday with dog

Pag as unforgettable destination for your holiday with dog

Croatia is an increasingly popular destination for visitors who want to have a good holiday and do not want to leave their favorite pet at home. However, a holiday with a dog requires good organization and should be carefully prepared. Good information about the rules of conduct in the country you are traveling to is a condition for a holiday with dogs to be in the best mood. In this blog we will help with some guidelines and instructions on the rules for dogs in Croatia and "pet friendly" places on the idyllic island of Pag.

The most important things about traveling with dogs in Croatia

When you decide to spend your vacation with dogs, it is necessary to provide the necessary documentation and know the most important rules with which you will move carefree in Croatia. We bring you the most important ones:
  • Mandatory valid passport for pets of the European Union
  • Every dog needs to be chipped to know its owner
  • A certificate of rabies vaccination is required
  • The dog must be led on a leash at all times
  • Puppies should be older than 15 weeks
In most restaurants and bars, you will be able to sit undisturbed with your dog, and most often waiters will be offered a bowl of water for your pet. If you are staying on the beach with a dog, choose shade, and if it is missing, bring an umbrella and plenty of water.

The best time to travel with dogs to Croatia

Although Croatia has a pleasant climate for most of the year, tourists mostly visit it in the summer months, with a peak in July and August. We advise you to avoid those months if you can, because then the temperatures are the highest and the crowds the highest. The most ideal climate is in May and June and in September and October when temperatures are around 20-25 C and the sea is pleasant for swimming. It will be much easier for you to find a place on the beach where you can enjoy yourself carefree with your pet. You should also avoid vacationing in one of the larger seaside towns. A better option is to rent "pet friendly" accommodation outside the city or in one of the beautiful small places. This way you will still be able to visit historical cities such as Zadar, Split or Šibenik. Croatian islands are the most suitable for enjoying with dogs because of the peace and quiet, and on the island of Pag there are a number of camps that have all the necessary infrastructure for your pets.

Pag Island as the perfect destination for your dog

On the island of Pag, which is one of the most picturesque Croatian islands, there are many "five friendly" apartments and hotels. You can find them in the villages of Novalja and Pag, but also along the entire island. However, the best option are "pet friendly" camps that have all the necessary infrastructure to make you and your dog as comfortable as possible. Terra Park camps Phalaris and Spiritos have their own beaches for dogs, and a night for a pet in "pet friendly" mobile homes is € 7, and on pitches € 4. If you decide on a mobile home, you can take a maximum of 2 dogs, and you can even take 4 dogs if you spend the night on a plot with a tent or caravan. Both camps also have special showers for dogs. Apart from the beaches within the camp, Pag abounds in small hidden coves that are easily accessible by car or on foot. Note that a large part of Pag is extremely bare and has no natural shade. Take an umbrella with you or choose to swim in the morning or early evening.

Beaches for dogs

In addition to the already listed beaches of Terrapark camps, some other camps on Pag have their own beaches for dogs that you can visit even if you do not spend the night there. In addition to these beaches, we single out the beach for dogs Jadra, which is located north of Novalja, and the beach Gajac, which is also located near Novalja, on the west side of the island. Both beaches can be reached by car.
Guests of Pag can enjoy the following beaches with their four-legged pets:
  • part of Plat beach (Dražica)
  • part of Babe beach
  • part of the beach Vrtić
  • part of Vlašići beach

Where to go with dogs?

If you have a dog, then you are most likely an active person and the following tips will help you. The island of Pag has many beaches and promenades where you can walk your pet indefinitely. If you want to further enhance your vacation and take your dog to an unforgettable place, do it in the very north of the island. There are centuries-old olive groves of Lun with landscaped trails. Entrance is charged 20 kn per person and you need about 2 hours to make a circle around the famous olive groves.
For adventurers, we recommend one of the most attractive trails in Croatia, the trail "Life on Mars" which starts from Metajna. You can do the whole circle of about 15 kilometers or just a part, depending on your fitness. It is only certain that you will enjoy the landscape reminiscent of Mars, and the paradise beaches along which the trail passes will leave you breathless. There is even a source of drinking water on the trail itself that will benefit both you and your pet.

Veterinary services on the Island of Pag

While you are on vacation, something unplanned and unexpected can always happen, and sometimes first aid is not enough that every owner should always have on hand. Therefore, you must be informed in advance about the veterinary care in the place you plan to visit. Good veterinary care can be found along the entire Adriatic coast, and the island of Pag is no exception. There are two veterinarians on Pag, in the settlements of Pag and Novalja. In case of an accident, you can contact the Pag Veterinary Station in Pag or the Vidušin Veterinary Practice in Novalja.

Tick tweezers and nausea and diarrhea medications should always be a must-have for some of the more common problems. Cooling pads or bandages are also necessary. The dog should always be provided with enough water, especially in the summer months, and bring food. In case you run out of food, it is possible to buy it in many supermarkets as well as in the Pet Club in nearby Zadar.

All this is reason enough to decide on a carefree holiday in the ultimate destination for dogs, the island of Pag in Croatia. Your pet will be grateful to you.
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