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The island of Pag - an adventure paradise on the Adriatic

Croatia is one of the most interesting European countries. Although its area is small, it is rich in different landscapes; rivers and lakes, seas and mountains, islands and continental plains. The perfect climate in the warm part of the year ranks Croatia among the most desirable destinations for adventure vacations. In this text, we will go over some Croatian beauties, as well as ideas for a superb active holiday on the island of Pag.

Why is Croatia an ideal place for adventure?

So small, yet so tame, different and beautiful. Croatia is special in its diversity, and it is rare that in such a small space you can find a whole series of different landscapes that take your breath away. If you are interested in centuries-old fir and beech forests, and you are not a fan of the summer heat, you can head to the mountain district and find plenty of hiking and biking trails there. You can rent a house in the forest and spend days exploring the world around you. You can swim in mountain lakes and enjoy the Risnjak National Park, the highest part of Gorski Kotar. If you like high mountains, go to Velebit, Dinara or Biokovo where you can hike and climb the highest peaks and walk through endless meadows, pastures, ridges and forests. Even two national parks and three nature parks are located on these mountains, and the longest and most beautiful Croatian mountain, Velebit, is only half an hour away from the island of Pag. Those who still like to stick to the lowlands can try rafting, kayaking or canyoning in the turquoise waters of Mrežnica, Cetina, Zrmanja or Krka. Croatian islands are full of beautiful coves and blue and clear seas that are perfect for sea kayaking, kitesurfing, windsurfing or swimming. The indented coast over 6,000 kilometers long attracts millions of tourists every year and is an ideal choice for an adventure trip.

When to plan an adventure vacation?

The pleasant climate is one of the biggest assets of Croatian tourism. Croatia has a relatively mild winter, especially on the Adriatic coast, with temperatures of 10-15 c. Around April, the temperature rises to a comfortable 18-20 C and does not drop below that level until November. In the spring and autumn months, the weather is ideal for hiking, cycling, trekking or sport climbing, and you will never encounter large crowds. In summer, when temperatures are usually high above 30 c, adventurers often choose activities related to water, such as swimming, windsurfing, kayaking, diving or rafting. We are of the opinion that May, June, September and October are the most pleasant months of the year to enjoy an active vacation, so try to plan your vacation in these time periods.

Adventure package tours with a guide or solo tours?

More and more tourists are coming to Croatia for an active vacation, so in the last ten years, many adventure tourism agencies have appeared that offer guided tours in various activities. If you are a very active person, you can book a whole week of active vacation with a guide where you will travel around Croatia and try different sports and get to know natural beauty, people and culture along the way. Likewise, you can book only a half-day or full-day package deal, so that you will book kayaking, rafting or a climbing tour in a certain place. For people with little or no experience, it's a great way to have fun safely in a beautiful environment. However, if you have your own equipment and know the basics of staying safely in nature and know how to read the weather forecast, you can do sports on your own. You can kayak along the coast, hike, dive or windsurf in one of the many places on the Adriatic. The choice is definitely up to you, because trips to nature with a guide, as well as in an independent arrangement, have their many advantages.

Adventure tourism on the island of Pag and its surroundings

One of our sunniest islands, the island of Pag, can boast of beautiful nature and an infrastructure that is perfect for engaging in "outdoor" activities. It is an adventurous place that is suitable for all ages. We will go over some of the most common sports that you can try in Pag and its immediate surroundings: Mountaineering and sport climbing Although Pag is not particularly hilly and does not have high mountains, it has several beautiful viewpoints. One of them is the highest peak in Pag, Sveti vid, which is located at 348 m above sea level and offers views in all directions.

The most convenient approach to the Holy Sight is from Kolan and takes approximately 1 hour. The markings in Kolan start exactly at the sharp bend in the road. The road leads through a grassy valley to the southeast. At the end of the valley, it climbs to a rocky plateau where it joins the marking from Šimun. Another 30 minutes of gentle ascent to the top follows. In addition to the ascent to the highest peak of Pag, Pag is proud of one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Croatia, popularly known as "life on mars". It is a circular path fifteen kilometers long that starts from the town of Metajna and passes through the Paška golet, heavenly beaches and a landscape similar to that on Mars. For adrenaline lovers, there is also a mini ferrata that passes a few meters above the surface of the sea. There is even a source of drinking water on the trail. After a 4-5 hour nice walk, you will return to Metajna.

Not far from Pag is the national park Paklenica, which attracts lovers of sport climbing and mountaineering. "Anića kuk" is a rock that is full of climbers from all over the world in the summer, and the Velebit peaks and cold rivers are an ideal place where you can take a break from the heat on the coast in the warm months.


Lovers of driving on two wheels have at their disposal beautiful island roads that are not overcrowded with cars even in the height of the season. You can rent a bike in Novalja, Pag, or ask for help from an employee of one of the Terra Park Spiritos and Phalaris camps. You can explore the island's coves and drive along numerous gravel roads.

Windsurfing and kitesurfing

During the summer months, a moderate mistral wind blows along the coast of Pag every afternoon, which is ideal for learning the basic techniques of these beautiful sports. You can rent equipment for windsurfing in some camps in Pag, while for kitesurfing you need to go to nearby Nin. If you are a surfer who already has a lot of experience and your own equipment, you can surf both in the storm and the south, the winds that blow strongly from the north and south. The best places for this are in Šimuni, Girenica, Košljun and Nin.

Sea kayaking

One of the most popular sports during the summer months is certainly sea kayaking. It is the most beautiful way to explore the many hidden coves of the island of Pag and sail along the rocky shores. Stay as close to the coast as possible and follow the forecast so that sea currents and winds do not cause you problems. Do not go more than 500 m from the shores, as this is prohibited by law in Croatia. You can rent kayaks at Terra Park Phalaris camp in case you don't have your own and enjoy the silence of the sea.


In the immediate vicinity of the island of Pag, there are beautiful turquoise rivers Zrmanja and Krupa, which are perfect for good rafting. Contact one of the numerous agencies that organize half-day trips and enjoy the spectacular sights that the average tourist in Croatia rarely sees. The descent down the river takes 2-3 hours and you will pass numerous waterfalls and rapids accompanied by licensed and experienced guides.

Safety in adventure tourism

Engaging in adventure tourism always requires a dose of caution and good preparation before the activity itself. Always follow the weather forecast and listen to the instructions of the locals. During the summer months, drink a lot of fluids, especially if you are in places where you are exposed to the sun a lot, and the island of Pag is one of those places. Carry a mobile phone with you and always call a close person if you are going somewhere alone. However, try to always do the activities in a group. In case of an accident, call 112, where the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service will come to pick you up. When kayaking or in a rafting boat, always wear a vest, and wear comfortable tennis shoes when hiking in the countryside. If you are a beginner, always hire a guide to enjoy the activity as carefree as possible. Good preparation is one of the most important preconditions for your active vacation in Croatia to remain an unforgettable memory.
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