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Stay Fit 4 All

The price of accommodation in one of the following accommodation units includes a trip to:

Terra Park Phalaris

Terra Park SpiritoS


  • Excursions are included for all guests staying in one of the listed accommodation units for a minimum of 5 nights.
  • All additional guests in the mobile homes pay extra for the selected trip according to the regular price list of the agency for that trip.
  • For more information on excursions and dates, talk to the reception department upon check-in in the facility.

Bike Zaglava

Get to know the mysterious character of Pag by cycling along its most beautiful paths. Discover the charms of the Zaglava landscape on the northwestern part of the island, which captivates with its beauty, diversity, panoramic views, and historical attractions.

Photo: Novalja Tourist Board

Hike Life on Mars

Get to know the fascinating parts of the island through the famous and unique Hiking tour "Life on Mars" - an unforgettable combination of the lunar landscape and the magical view of the Pag Bay and the Velebit Channel.

Photo: Novalja Tourist Board

Walk Lun

A walk through the botanical reserves of the island of Pag enchants with its beautiful landscape, the richness of flora and fauna, and relaxing Mediterranean scents. Take a walk among the most unique olive groves in the world, which date back to biblical times, and inspire every heart with its beauty.

Photo: Novalja Tourist Board
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