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The price of accommodation in one of the following accommodation units includes a trip to:

Terra Park Phalaris

Terra Park SpiritoS


  • Excursions are included for all guests staying in one of the listed accommodation units for a minimum of 5 nights.
  • All additional guests in the mobile homes pay extra for the selected trip according to the regular price list of the agency for that trip.
  • For more information on excursions and dates, talk to the reception department upon check-in in the facility.

City of Pag

Taste indigenous products and explore the fascinating areas of the island, which delight with its unique natural architecture, interesting historical stories, rich cultural heritage, and special natural beauties. Reward your palates by tasting famous indigenous specialties - olive oil, Pag cheese, and Boškinac wines.

Photo: Pexels

Boškinac Wine Road

Under the auspices of the beautiful island of Pag, the cherished vineyard tradition and mild Mediterranean climate have contributed to the development of indigenous varieties of premium wines. By visiting the Boškinac wine road with wine tasting, you will learn all about grape picking, the process of wine production and wine distillates, the history of winemaking, and the indigenous wine varieties of the island.

Photo: Novalja Tourist Board

Pag Cheese Road

Pag is widely recognizable for its unique Pag cheese. Visit the flocks of Pag sheep, get acquainted with the production of Pag cheese and its ripening, taste the cheese that has won world awards for years and proudly bears the label of the original Croatian product, and enjoy the true flavors of the island of Pag.

Photo: Novalja Tourist Board
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