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The best beaches for children on the island of Pag

Every year, millions of tourists decide to spend their vacation in beautiful Croatia. Due to the warm sea, heavenly beaches and pleasant climate, our country is a safe choice for a perfect summer vacation. Although relatively small in world terms, Croatia still offers a huge coastline and a thousand islands that can be visited. In this blog, we will focus mostly on the beautiful island of Pag and its beaches, which are pleasant for staying with children and families.

Croatia - a country of safe and pleasant beaches

Apart from the fact that Croatia is known as a country of clear blue sea, it is known for its beautiful and numerous islands, bays and reefs, as well as other natural beauties.
In the summer months, the Adriatic Sea turns into a gentle and calm swimming area and into a swimming zone that few seas in the world have. Numerous bays from Istria to the south of Dalmatia provide safe shelter from the wind and rough seas. Most of the Adriatic beaches are made of pebbles, but there are also those sand pearls that children love very much. Croatia is known for the fact that you can find natural shade on many beaches. The pine forest, which dominates the entire coast, is ideal for sheltering from the sun. Croatia can boast of a variety of beaches, and most of them have the Blue Flag, which proves the quality of the sea, safety and service. Almost 98% of the 884 checked beaches were declared safe for swimming. Regardless of whether you are looking for romantic hidden beaches or want to relax in the sun with your family and children, you will definitely find something for you in Croatia.

The most beautiful beaches for children on the Adriatic

According to many, the most attractive and beautiful part of the entire Adriatic is the area of the Makarska Riviera, which stretches 60 kilometers below the Biokovo mountain. What makes the Makarska Riviera special is the large number of attractive pebble beaches surrounded by green pine trees that provide natural shade. However, among the beaches of the Makarska Riviera, two beaches located in Brela stand out in particular - Podrače beach and Punta Rata beach, and the large beach in Tučepi.
Paradise beach on the island of Rab is also one of the most attractive. It is characterized by fine sand, which is rarely found in Croatia, so this beach is a favorite destination for young families with children.
No tourist list can do without the pearl of the Adriatic - the city of Dubrovnik, so even that place has its favorite. Banje Beach in Dubrovnik is perfect for letting your child play undisturbed in the shallows, while you enjoy a lounger with a view of the romantic old part of Dubrovnik.
Because of its unique and recognizable appearance, Zlatni rat beach on the island of Brač is considered by many to be the most attractive beach on the Adriatic. The top part of the beach changes its shape depending on the wind, and the beach is suitable for kitesurfing and windsurfing in July and August. Since it is long and spacious, you will have no problem finding a place for yourself and your loved ones. On the beach there is a whole range of bars and restaurants, as well as activities for children and young people.

The best beaches on Pag for families and children

One of the most attractive parts of the Adriatic is the part under Velebit and its water area. The island of Pag is one of the harshest places on the Adriatic, but also the most beautiful. The Velebit storm exposed its northern side so that you have the impression that you are on Mars. However, its spectacular beaches beckon you for more swimming and persuade you to stay on them forever. We bring you a list of the most beautiful ones that you can enjoy undisturbed and safe with the whole family.

Beritnica beach

This beautiful beach is located on the northern side of the island, near the town of Metajna. You can reach it on foot from Ručica beach, so access by car is not possible. This means that even at the height of the tourist season there are no big crowds, so your child has a huge space around him. The beach is special because of the picturesque stones that emerge from the sea, and it is a great backdrop for photography. Please note that there is no natural shade on the beach, so bring everything you may need.

Ručica beach

Beach Ručica is one of the most beautiful on the island. Because of the perfect pebbles, and because of its great beauty, this beach takes the breath away of everyone who visits it. This beach also has no natural shade, so umbrellas are recommended. The beach is located right next to Metajna, a macadam road leads to it, and you can park your car right next to the beach. In case you need food or drink, there is a bar next to the beach.

Planjka Beach (Trinčel)

Just two kilometers north of the town of Novalja is a deep bay that begins with this incredible beach. The beach is made of small pebbles and sand and is one of the most popular for families with children. There you can rent paddle boats and deckchairs, refresh yourself at the beach bar and enjoy the afternoon refreshing winds blowing from the northwest. The car park is right next to the beach, and there is also a tavern near the beach. A large aquapark for children is another guarantee that your child will enjoy it here.

Sveti Duh Beach and Beach Čista (Camp SpiritoS)

These two beautiful beaches are located in the immediate vicinity of Terra Park Camp Spiritos. They, like most beaches on the island, do not have natural shade, but that is no reason not to give them a chance. On the beaches there are several beach bars, parking and taverns offering local food. Stay at the beautiful Spiritos camp and enjoy being near the sea.

Beach Prosika Pag

At the end of this beautiful list, we must also mention the main city beach of the largest place on the island, Prosika beach. The beach faces north and is located right next to the old city center. It is pebbled and large, so you can find a whole range of restaurants on it. If you are located in the city of Pag, going to the beach with a child is easy and quick, and on the beach children can use aquaparks, pedal boats and other fun facilities. Beach props such as diving masks, towels, mattresses and the like can be bought in the town itself.
We hope this blog will help you in making a decision about this year's vacation. The sea around Pag is perfectly clean, so take your loved ones right there. Your family will be grateful and your children will smile.
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