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Weekend trip to Pag (what to visit in 2 days?)

The island of Pag is one of the most interesting and easily accessible island destinations in Croatia. The island itself is neither too big nor too small, so there is plenty to do all weekend. In addition to its natural beauty, the island boasts excellent gastronomy, good nightlife, excellent hotels and camps, and cultural and historical sights. We will try to convey the beauty of the island to you in this blog and help you design your dream weekend trip as easily as possible.

The most easily accessible car destination on the Adriatic

The island of Pag is located in the middle of the Adriatic, between the northern and southern parts of our sea, and besides the fact that the island is connected by the ferry line Prizna - Žigljen, it is one of several Croatian islands that are also connected by a bridge. The Pag bridge makes life much easier for both the local population and visitors, and is located very close to the exit to the national highway. If you are traveling from Zagreb, you don't need more than 3 hours to drive to the island of Pag. In addition to the fact that the island is well connected to the rest of Croatia and neighboring countries, the towns on it are also well connected. The roads are impeccable, and some of the world's car companies have filmed commercials and promotional videos on these roads.

Where to stay over the weekend?

Pag has a handful of accommodation facilities, and if you are not sure which place to choose, we will try to make your choice easier. Recently, there has been a great increase in the demand for "glamping" and "camping" accommodations, which are increasingly available in Pag as well. We recently wrote extensively about this topic on this link, and we definitely recommend the Terra Park camps "Phalaris" and "Spiritos", which are located in the immediate vicinity of the sea. In addition to these options, Pag also has a whole range of private accommodation and several hotels.

Pag is not only a summer destination

Although most visitors choose Pag during the summer months, Pag is beautiful at any time of the year, especially in autumn and spring. The heat, crowds and prices are lower, the island is quieter and becomes ideal for those who want to escape from the busy everyday life of the city. On Pag, the sea temperature is higher than 20 C for more than five months, and in addition to swimming and sunbathing, the island offers excellent gastronomy and good wine at all times. Although the famous Pag wind "bura" can blow at any time of the year, it is most frequent and strongest in autumn and spring, so follow the wind forecast when planning your trip.

Nature - What to visit for the weekend in Pag?

Pag is an island of exceptional natural beauty. The north side resembles a moon landscape, it is bare and full of interesting rocks, sculptures and beaches. We definitely recommend a visit to the town of Metajna and a walk along the "Life on Mars" trail. There you can also find some spectacular beaches that are suitable for all ages. In the far north of the island are the Lunjski maslinici, an area of over 80,000 olive trees, some of which are over 2,000 years old. For those who want to hike, there is also the viewpoint/top of Pag Sv.Vid, which is about an hour's walk from the nearest road. From this place, there are beautiful views of the entire island and Velebit, and it is a special place at sunset. You can combine the island of Pag with a visit to the Paklenica National Park, which is only half an hour from the island.

Entertainment and gastronomy - What to visit for the weekend in Pag?

In the summer months, from June to September, Pag turns into the capital of electronic music in Croatia. Near Novalja, on Zrče beach, there are several world-famous clubs that work day and night in the summer months. If you are a fan of that music, Pag is your ideal destination for a top night out. Every week, one of the numerous festivals on the island is held in clubs such as Papaya, Kalypso, Noa and Aquarius.
In addition to the good nightlife, there is the famous Pag gastronomy. Pag cheese and Pag salt are one of the most famous Croatian products. Although today they can be bought in many places in Croatia, it is always special to come to the island and try a dish in an autochthonous environment. We wrote about the dishes on Pag in one of the previous blogs, and the dishes go well with good wine, which is plentiful on Pag. The most famous local variety of white wine is Gegić. The company "Vina otoka Pag" inherits a long tradition and revitalizes the Gegić variety, which produces quality wine, as well as many others. The company and winery are located near the town of Pag, and a store is open all year round where you can buy local Pag varieties. There is also an area for tasting wine and the widely known Pag cheese.

Cultural sights - What to visit on a weekend in Pag?

The city of Pag has a long and rich past, as evidenced by numerous cultural and historical monuments and a rich cultural heritage that its inhabitants cherish and preserve with pride and great love. One of the most famous symbols of Pag is the Pag lace, and in 1998 it got its own gallery in the city of Pag. The gallery is open every day in the summer months, and in it you can see the manufacturing process or old photos from various historical periods.
The island has a handful of churches, monasteries, towers and forts. It is certainly worth highlighting the fortress "Fortica" in the very south of the island, near the Pag bridge. The "Skrivanat" tower is another exceptional historical building that the residents of Pag are proud of, and it is commonly called the City Tower. Of the nine towers that surrounded the town of Pag, it is the only one left. It was built in the 15th century and served as a strong fortress on the northwestern side of the city. In addition to the tower, you can also visit the Duke's Palace and St. Mary's Church, which is located on the main square of Pag.

Weekend on Pag - Excursion recommendation

Although this island offers a lot of things, we will try to make a recommendation for a weekend trip. If you come to Pag on Friday evening, we recommend checking in at one of the Terra Park campsites and having dinner with Pag cheese, fresh fish and good local wine at one of the restaurants. You can start Saturday with breakfast with a view of the sea, then continue driving to the Olive Gardens of Lun and swim on one of the nearby beaches. After that, you can visit the town of Pag and its historical center, and if you have time, there is also a top of the island nearby where you can watch a beautiful sunset. You can end the day with a romantic dinner at the camp. Spend your Sunday morning in the area of the municipality of Metajna, where you can enjoy heavenly beaches and a walk along the "Life on Mars" trail. After lunch in the nearby tavern "Težak" with Pag lamb or good fish, continue your journey to the town of Kolan where you can visit the "Gligora cheese bar" with a tour of the local top quality cheese factory. Continue driving around the island and end the day relaxing on the beach "Stara Povljana" or enjoy the last rays of the sun at the magical fortress "Fortica" at the very exit from the island.
We hope that we have helped you in designing the perfect weekend on the island. Take a break from everyday life and enjoy Pag.
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