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Going camping? We have 5 tips for you

In the last few years, travelers are increasingly turning to nature, and camping has become more popular than ever. In addition to booking hotels, apartments and rooms for summer holidays, you also need to book a place for a camp or a mobile home as soon as possible. In addition, the popularity of glamping, which we have already written about, has increased by 10 percent. What is the beauty of camping anyway? Camping is considered an ideal family vacation because while children run around in nature and explore a whole new world in the fresh air and sun, parents relax with a good book, a glass of wine or hanging out with friends. People who live an active life are most often associated with camping, so on vacation they also engage in various sports such as cycling, hiking, diving or swimming. If you've always wanted to go camping and you're just about to buy your first tent and spend the night under the stars, you need to know a few important things before you set off. That's why we decided to summarize the most important things in planning a camping trip in one place, so that your vacation remains as memorable as possible.

Pay attention to the weather forecast

Since you spend the night and day outdoors, you depend on the weather (un)opportunities, so it is wise to pack accordingly for the trip. We recommend that the first camping trip be in the warm part of the year, but you should always have suitable clothes and shoes with you for all conditions. Don't go anywhere without sunscreen, whether it's sunny or rainy, and don't go without insect repellent. During the summer, there are frequent thunderstorms that can come quickly and unannounced, so it is useful to have a mobile application that can warn you about it in time. That way, you'll have time to protect things if the rain arrives or the wind is about to blow. A good tip is to write a list of things you might need before packing. The list should definitely include a first aid kit, which should contain everything from antiseptics and plasters to bandages and creams for treating burns.

Choose a good camp

When you go camping for the first time, it is very important to choose a quality camp that has everything you need to make your vacation unforgettable. The basic thing that every camp should have is a sanitary facility, an electricity connection and a flat place to set up a tent. It is always preferable that the place be in the shade and if possible have a grass or dirt surface so that the tent can be attached to the ground. Additional things that the camp can have are a large shared kitchen, internet, various sports fields, massage options or a large closed room for gatherings. We advise you to look into the Terra Park Phalaris and Spiritos on the island of Pag, which have all that. Camps are located right on the beach and are an ideal place for those looking for complete peace.

Invest in quality camping gear

A comfortable sleeping bag is one of the most important things when camping. Prices range from 20 to 400 euros, depending on how much you are willing to spend on a bag. Also, take into account what time of year you are camping so that you are not too hot in the summer when you sleep in a bag, and too cold in the winter. If you go on your vacation during the summer, you may not need a bag at all, but we definitely recommend that you have at least a thin bag that will keep you warm in the early morning hours. In addition, take with you a hammock that you can place between two trees. In summer, it is perfect for afternoon naps and reading a book in the shade of trees.
In addition to a sleeping bag, it is important to have a good sleeping pad, which can be foam or inflatable. If you have room in the car, bring as thick and comfortable as possible.
Among the other equipment, you can also prepare a mini-cooker with dishes, cups for coffee or tea, and a headlamp.

Don't pack too much food

The smell of food can attract unwanted guests such as wild animals, bugs and insects, so make sure that you do not bring too much food on the camping trip and that what you do take with you is well packed and stored. Calculate how many meals you will need per person per day and remember not to take perishable food, especially not at high temperatures if you don't have a portable refrigerator. If you have access to a supermarket every day, you can buy groceries for a day and replenish your stock. Canned beans, tuna and fish, soup in a bag, jam, toast can be taken with you and stored safely because these foods are not perishable. It is always useful to have a mini-fridge on hand so that you can cool drinks, but also keep food from fresh. You can bring a refrigerator with a capacity of 30-50 L, in which you will keep cheeses, cold meats, drinks, eggs and the like.
Many campsites have large refrigerators in their kitchen where you can also store your food. It is only important that you put your food in one bag on which you write your name so that the food does not get mixed up with the food of other guests.

Practice setting up the tent before the trip

At home, try setting up the tent a few times. It is important to try the tent after you buy it to familiarize yourself with it and to check whether the tent may have arrived damaged, so that you can repair or return it in time. It will probably take you more time the first time, but if you do it at home, you can assemble it carefree and learn where to start and what to take care of when assembling in the camp. We advise that you always buy a bit larger tent. For example, if there will be two of you, buy a tent for three. It will be more comfortable, and you will have much more space for storing things. Also don't forget the iron tent pegs. They serve to keep the tent firmly attached to the ground in case of wind. Once you arrive at the camp, you will set up the tent in 5-10 minutes if you have tried it several times at home.

We hope these tips help you plan your first camping trip. Relax, enjoy nature and accept it as it is. These are the basic prerequisites for an unforgettable stay.
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