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Original products of the island of Pag

In gastronomic terms, the island of Pag could be described as an island of sheep. Local cuisine as well as product production is based on this delicacy of special taste, which can be found exclusively in Croatia.

Original products of the island of Pag

Pag salt

Salt is the white gold of the town of Pag with a millennial-old organized production. Pag salt pans are among the oldest salt pans with the most intensive production on the Croatian coast. The traditional way of salt production by natural evaporation was abandoned 25 years ago when a salt factory was built, which today covers 2 million m3 and, together with warehouses and a factory plant, itis the largest production plant in Croatia.

Pag sheep

Pag sheep is an original Croatian breed and belongs to the group of Mediterranean sheep and originated in the entire area of the island of Pag, where it is still mostly bred. Today, sheep breeding, along with tourism, is the most important economic branch. It is generally considered that, given the available pasture areas on the island of Pag, the number of about 30,000 breeding sheep is optimal at this time. The sheep are kept in the open day and night throughout the year, on pastures. They feed by grazing on sparse rocks supported by hay, corn, and fodder mixtures.

Pag lamb

Pag lamb is the second most important product of Pag sheep. This is the most common lamb meat on the market and is obtained from Pag sheep breeders who produce Pag cheese.
The lambs are fed exclusively on sheep's milk, which gives the meat a special taste. The meat of Pag lamb is pale pink, with thin and tender muscle fibers, which are tasty and juicy. Pag lamb is prepared in various ways, the most famous of which is roasting on a spit.

Pag cheese

Pag cheese is the most famous and most valued hard sheep cheese in Croatia. It has a pleasant spicy taste, and it is light yellow to dark yellow (depending on age). It is obtained from the milk of Pag sheep that graze grass on rocky pastures that are rich in various types of aromatic and medicinal plants. In addition, the salt that remains in traces on the grass after the bora - a strong north wind that blows on the island of Pag - gives it a special value. Today, Pag cheese is one of the most recognizable Croatian brands both in our country and in the world. About 220 tons of Pag cheese are produced annually on the island of Pag.

Pag lace

The "Novalja Koltra" map is an ethnographic map with author's photographs of Novalja crochet bedspreads and is a specific souvenir of this region.
Koltra is a crochet bed cover that has been knitted for dowry for a hundred years, by Novalja's skilled hands, as a family treasure, and like a therapy after shocking life events. This is a symbol of value, skill and belonging. Nowadays, most Novalja families still own at least one colt. They are kept and placed on the bed on special occasions or hung on the street window during tours of holiday processions. Some even cover themselves with it. A souvenir of the town of Novalja was created from this separate subject of traditional knowledge and skills.


From the treasury of folk treasures, we can single out the local dance of our people, which, accompanied by bellows, is danced in colorful folk costumes.

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